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S2 is looking for an Account Manager

S2 is growing and we are looking for a person who can take on the role of Account Manager. This key role is important for our future, as you create new business opportunities and relationships. The position is based in Uppsala. ...

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The first Kontakta Day 2021 a great success

What a great success Kontakta Day 2021 was! A wise choice from everyone who participated – thank you for your commitment. Thank you Klas Hallberg for putting us in the customer's shoes and for your sometimes uncomfortable insights. ...

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Robin Söderström JKRS

"We have over 100 different work processes, all of which are managed in S2"

JKRS was founded in 2012 with the business idea of helping companies book quality meetings. Today, they have broadened their offering and now help customers with everything from meeting scheduling to sales and marketing. ...

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Welcome to Kontakta Day, for understanding your customer

Think of a challenging experience you have had as a customer, when your supplier didn't really understand you. What feelings does that evoke in you? How is it possible that a supplier can be so uncomprehending, when it's so easy to ask questions and listen to the answers?

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Welcome to Contact Day 27 May – about real customer relationships in a digitalized world.

On Contact Day, the customer meeting is in the center. We talk about opportunities to develop customer relationships through insights into what it feels like to be a customer of ourselves. Klas Hallberg, one of the world's most appreciated speakers, helps us. Klas is phenomenal.

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Johan - Diamax02

"It's easy for us to keep growing with S2"

Diamax is today one of Västerbotten's largest companies in telemarketing, customer service and meeting booking. CEO Johan Hettinger has come a long way after starting in the industry in 2004. "Together with two co-founders, I started Diamax in the summer of 2011. We...

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