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Malmbron – meeting scheduling for Swedbank

6,000 meetings per month for Swedbank

Malmbron is an expert in meeting scheduling, booking up to 6,000 meetings a month for its largest customer, Swedbank. Up to 40 people work with scheduling meetings for Swedbank's customer advisors. The heart of the company is the S2 system.

Wouldn't have been possible without S2

"We have gone from about 100 bookings a month when we started, to almost 6,000 bookings a month. Without S2, we would not be where we are today," says Fredrik Almroth, one of the two founders of Malmbron.

Malmbron is currently Swedbank's only supplier of meeting scheduling. Most of those booked are already customers in the bank and the meetings are either physical ones, or telephone meetings.

Clear booking process

Malmbron receives the names and addresses of customers from the bank. The addresses are imported into the S2 system where each household becomes a single customer card. In addition to names, addresses and phone numbers, there are also notes about when the customer was last contacted and in which case. On the customer cards you can also enter instructions, such as how long should the meeting be, what the customer should prepare and what the purpose of the meeting is.

Once the meeting has been scheduled, a confirmation will be sent to the customer and the bank's advisors. The advisor also sends notes from the call about what the customer wants help with.

The S2 system has many functions in its basic design, but Malmbron has together with S2 developed several new functions that suit the business.

Benefits from continuous improvement

"We have spent a lot of time and resources adapting the S2 system to be fully tailored to our business. There, S2 has been extremely helpful as a source of ideas and sounding board. We have a close dialogue where I send many suggestions for improvement. My contact at S2 often comes up with his own suggestions when he has heard my thoughts and then together we figure out the best solution," says Therese Lundqvist, Office Manager at Malmbron.

One of the latest improvements is to be able to steer messages to the advisers at the bank using rules. Should the number of customer cards be less than a set number, an email will automatically be sent telling us that Malmbron needs more contacts to book. This change alone has streamlined Malmbron's work with almost a full-time position.

Easy and fast to work in

In addition to the fast and efficient feedback, the S2 system itself is also easy and fast to work in – so that employees can work concentratedly. S2 has been a crucial part of Malmbron's success.

"I don't think the company could have developed this much without S2," says Therese Lundqvist, office manager at Malmbron.

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