Your system for smarter sales.

S2 is a web-based platform for sales and customer service. A smart cloud service with razor-sharp tools, to help you create a stellar salesforce and a customer service your clients will love.

S2 simplifies and streamlines sales, prospecting, meeting scheduling and conducting surveys. At the same time, you can offer your clients simple, smooth customer service.

Simply put, it's a system for smarter sales. And you can trust it to work. Our support always gets top marks in our customer surveys, and the S2 system is renowned for its exceptional accessibility.

Inside sales, dialer, listening in, recording, CRM, gamification and dashboards

Complete toolkit for for professional scheduling, running, and quality assurance of your meetings

Contact center solution with case management via phone, web chat, email, SMS and social media

S2 is probably the best dialer on the market.
Different requirements, messaging and market conditions determine the appropriate dialing mode. All of the S2 dialer modes provide significant benefits in the form of more talk time with customers, which in turn means more relaxed sellers.

S2 is often used as a complement to our customers' CRM systems, sometimes replacing them completely – all depending on the situation and requirements. S2 has a very low starting threshold, and we don’t believe in locking customers into long binding contracts. We work hard to earn our customers, always with a primary focus on their specific needs.

Immediate benefits

S2 is a ready-to-use cloud service that provides an instant overview of your sales. It's easy to use, and getting started is simple and quick. S2 is basically designed by salespeople, for salespeople.
For smooth onboarding of new users, S2 provides online assistance, training, and a helpful support team.
With S2, the company's customer register is easy to overview. Customers can quickly be transferred across business areas and sales teams, right down to an individual salesperson. A summary of the company's relationship with each customer – showing ongoing business, past orders and current dealings – is provided through a single view.

No investment required

S2 is not traditional software that requires purchasing, installation and maintenance. Instead of tying up the company's capital to licenses and hardware, S2 offers a pay-as-you-go subscription solution.

The service is run via a web browser, on any standard computer with an internet connection.

Swift, reliable onboarding

Introducing S2 to a sales team usually takes less than a week. Many customers do it on their own, using our step-by-step guides. For those who want to play it safe, we offer professional assistance.
Most users learn how to use S2 on their own. There are also training packages that can be used when introducing the service.
S2 is a turnkey solution that provides a sales-based company with the support and tools it needs to increase sales.

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