Create more profitable business meetings.

S2 has everything you need for professional scheduling of meetings. For meetings to be successful, careful planning and well-thought-out processes are essential. Here, customers are contacted, scheduled and prepared for each meeting.

Meetings can be held in many different ways. S2 supports physical meetings as well as Teams, Zoom, Webex, or any other video conferencing solution. Scheduled phone meetings are also common. Once the meeting is completed, it needs to be confirmed with a quality follow-up. S2 also has ready-made solutions for seminar and conference booking.

Meeting scheduling needs vary widely, which is why S2 is adaptable to all kinds of situations. For example, it can be used by salespeople to schedule their own meetings, by one or more agents who handle the salespeople’s bookings, or by an external agency that specializes in meeting scheduling for many different salespeople and clients. In other words, when it comes to meeting scheduling, you can tailor S2 to your particular situation.

When scheduling meetings, the booking process needs to be quality ensured to maximize the benefits of scheduling. S2 therefore provides support for quality assurance, from target group segmentation to completed meetings and follow-ups of results.
Seminar and conference booking in S2 can also be performed in different ways and for different purposes. It is common for an agency to book seminars for other companies, or for a company to use S2 to book participants for an upcoming conference. Whatever your needs, we'll find a solution that helps you get the most out of your work.

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