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Sellda was founded by Hannes Bernhardsson in early 2019. He then had ten years of successful experience as a salesman in a call center environment. He wanted to share his knowledge in sales with more people and saw opportunities in an industry where sales are particularly important.

"We work exclusively with the real estate industry. When you are a real estate agent, you go through two to three years' training, and then you come out into a market that is more difficult than you imagined. Our ambition is to make it easier to broker," says Hannes.

Sellda has done well and currently helps fourteen brokerage chains.
"In 2019 we worked with 400 brokers and today we work over 2,000 brokers, but the goal is to help all brokers in Sweden. So why have these 14 brokerage chains chosen us? It is all about our trainings, and our concept yields results in the form of more completed meetings and signed sales assignments."

One area where Hannes saw early on that he could contribute was the processing of new contacts, so-called cold calls.
"Part of the brokers' sales is about getting their activity up.
I met a real estate agent's office in southern Sweden to call cold. Brokers then searched for numbers on and dialed the number on their phone. Since I myself come from the call center world, I knew there was a better way. With a dialer, brokers could work much more efficiently and successfully. Therefore, I searched for the best and most flexible supplier in the industry that could meet my requirements."

Hannes' search for a smart dialer led him to contact S2 in March 2019.
"When I came to S2, Sellda was another relatively new start-up. Sure, I had some customers, but above all I had a vision. Erik Åhman and the gang at S2 could easily have closed the door, but instead they took me seriously, believed in my vision and we established a collaboration.

Why did you choose S2 as your dialer?
"After my 10 years in call centers, I have a lot of experience with what is required of a good dialer. After I had tried the S2 system, met the people and been introduced to the thinking behind it, I understood that S2 is a good supplier. The system itself is very smooth and useful. It works quickly and easily for the brokers, for example, S2 is integrated with both the brokerage industry's system and with the brokers' calendars.

Today, Sellda also offers S2 as a call system for the brokerage industry.

"We are very pleased with the collaboration with Sellda and the positive results that the brokerage chains show," says Erik Åhman at S2.

"Actually, we have a lot of customers who only drive the dialer. For brokers, S2 is perfect for cold calling. Currently, we have eight brokerage chains active in S2. It's super easy for brokers to start working in and it's incredibly grateful that the entry barrier is so low. I believe in bringing out the best from people, as long as they get the right tools, many people know far more than they think. Together with S2, I look forward to helping all real estate agents in Sweden to make it easier to broker," says Hannes Bernhardsson, founder and CEO of Sellda.

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