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Dialer speed and security were crucial for Value Call  

How can contact-intensive companies be helped to make their processes more efficient? As S2 develops its platform, this issue is always in mind. Uppsala company Valuecall is an example of how S2 can also contribute to companies being able to broaden their service offering. We meet founders Isak Moberg and Andreas Widerlöv who tell us about the role S2 plays in their development going forward.

In a short time, Valuecall has had a big impact on its meeting booking service. They saw that there was a lack of qualified meeting scheduling services aimed at brokerage companies. Isak and Andreas describe the major challenges in building a sales organization as a start-up company.

  • "We wanted to build an organization with salespeople who prioritize quality, and wanted to avoid the pushy types that sell too hard. The quality of the meetings we book is crucial, that is what builds value for our customers.
  • A major challenge was to find a sales support system adapted for our business. We chose a solution that we used in our first year, it worked okay but at the same time had clear shortcomings," says Andreas Widerlöv.

Malin Gustavsson at S2 contacted Andreas and Isak at Valuecall in spring 2017. They say they were impressed with the platform but thought that changing the dialer would be too complicated a process.

  • "When Malin contacted us again a few months later, we were in a completely different situation. We wanted to take Valuecall to the next level and realized that it was time to review the options available to the dialer we were working on," explains Isaac.

What did you need from a sales support system?

  • "We wanted a really fast dialer to increase the efficiency of meeting scheduling. A fast and speedy system is also more fun to work in for our agents. With our previous solution, the connection time was far too long between calls.
  • A clear request was also an appealing interface and a high reliability. As a modern growth company, we were looking for a solution that felt at the forefront," explains Andreas.

What was your first impression of S2?

  • "We reacted very positively to how modern and stylish the interface felt. S2 had that extra wow factor we were looking for.
  • I would also like to highlight that S2 as a company showed great commitment and was responsive to our needs. For us, it was important to find the right partner. A good dialer is not enough, but requires a whole that feels right," says Andreas.

Valuecall chose to proceed with a pilot test of S2. What were your strongest impressions during the trial period?

  • "It was like night and day compared to what we had before. Above all, that the switch to a new customer card went so much faster with S2. We received a positive response from our bookers who appreciated the simplicity and that it was logically structured.
  • It felt that S2 was committed and was genuinely keen to deliver a good service. A little out of the ordinary, for example, they spontaneously came past our office to check how everything worked. Such things are appreciated.
  • Since much of the platform is self-explanatory, the transition from trial to running S2 was also very smooth," says Isak.

How has S2 worked for your sales management?

  • "The back office in S2 is really powerful. There are many valuable features that make it easier for us in management. One example is that we can follow how our bookers have performed in a completely new way. The reports that we can make are incredibly flexible where we can control how we want to summarize statistics and data," says Andreas.
  • "For us, it is also a great advantage that in S2 it is super easy to set up new projects. Instead of each time creating a project from scratch, we can easily copy a project and just change what needs to be changed. It has given us a great saving of time. The same is the case with the import and export of contact persons, it is simply straightforward as it should be."

How have your work processes developed with S2?

  • "It is striking how much shorter the waiting time is between calls in S2. This means that we have been able to be more efficient and at the same time it has become more fun at work for our sales representatives.
  • Then we have completely avoided the downtime problems that we had with the previous solution. In total, we have only had a total of 30 minutes that the system has been unavailable."

Andreas also talks about the advantages they see with S2 being a web service. Their previous solution required all users to be connected to the same LAN.

  • "S2's solution of constantly running the platform across their website is as simple as it is smart. This means that our bookers can work from home if necessary and that we in the sales management can work with S2 on the train or on the go between meetings. At the same time as we are constantly in sync with the office in Uppsala.
  • This has also enabled us to hire a booker who will work from home on Lidingö. In the long term, this provides completely new opportunities for us at Valuecall," says Andreas.

Are there other ways that S2 has contributed to your business development?

  • "Yes indeed, thanks to the opportunities available in S2, we have been able to launch two completely new services. We now offer our clients an analysis tool to evaluate brokers' performance at customer meetings. In addition, we will help brokerage companies clean up their customer records. These two services would have been completely impossible to offer with our previous supplier," explains Isak.

How would you summarize your experiences with S2?

  • "For us, it was absolutely right to change and also a much simpler process than we thought beforehand. At the same time, it can be difficult to know what you are missing when using a different dialer. With S2, we have been given completely new opportunities to develop our business in ways we have not been able to imagine before.
  • It feels like with S2 we have been able to give our employees a dialer's equivalent of Rolls Royce," concludes Isak Moberg and Andreas Widerlöv at Valuecall.

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