S2 Communications AB provides a cloud-based web platform for sales, meetings and customer service.

Sales: S2 simplifies salespeople' work to give them more time for their customers. 

Meetings: S2 is a complete toolkit for professional meeting scheduling.

Customer service: S2 creates the conditions for your customers to access easy and smooth customer service.

S2 is a turnkey cloud service that's easy to use and quick to get started with.

S2 is a turnkey cloud service that provides an immediate overview of your sales. It's easy to use, and getting started is simple and quick. S2 is basically designed by salespeople, for salespeople, and used for sales, meeting scheduling and customer service.

The service is run via a web browser, on any standard computer with an internet connection.

Introducing S2 to a sales team usually takes less than a week. Many customers do it on their own, using our step-by-step guides, and we offer professional assistance to those who want it.
There are also training packages that can be used when introducing the service.
S2 is a turnkey solution that provides a sales-based company with the support and tools it needs to increase sales.

S2 offers integration with other systems such as phone systems, digital signatures and business information.

CRM means customer relationship management and a CRM system helps companies automate various elements of the sales and customer management process. CRM systems aim to increase sales by, among other things, tracking and recording sales and customer interactions, and collecting and analyzing customer data from various sources such as web pages, social media, phone calls, etc.m. A CRM system is often implemented in the sales and marketing department as a central hub for managing sales accounts, prospects and leads. Many companies also have a CRM system implemented with the aim of using it as an overall system for all departments.

CRM – the tool that enables sales work in practice

Whether you have two or a thousand customers and prospects, you need to gather information about them in a structured way. Maybe you or your employees keep your own notes on customers and activities – but what happens if someone goes on sick leave or changes jobs? How do you manage to track the activities you decided on when you made a management plan? If everyone in your company works together in the CRM system, all of your customer information can be shared among colleagues. Think of your CRM as a notebook where all thoughts about every customer contact can be collected.

As an S2 user, you have full access to our support by phone and email. Choose whatever suits you best! Our support's opening hours can be found under Support in the menu. We'll help you with your support issue as soon as we can.

You always have access to our knowledge base with detailed instructions on how to use S2's features.

S2 is probably the best automated calling motor on the market, a so-called dialer. Different needs, messaging and market conditions determine the appropriate dialing mode. All of the S2 dialer modes provide significant benefits in the form of more talk time with customers, which in turn means more relaxed sellers.

In order to choose the right sales support, you need to determine the goals of your business. What do you want to achieve? To answer that question, it is advisable to first define your sales process.

Map out the market and your customers

In order for you to know how to plan your sales efforts, it is important to know to whom you're selling. Prioritize and decide on which customers you want to invest your efforts. Map out where they are on the market and which ones are profitable.

Set up a structure for your sales efforts

Sellers who work in a structured way often do better. In order to create structured sales, there must be measurable, controllable processes for each step. It's difficult to give general tips on what such a structure looks like, since it differs between industries and differently-sized companies. But one recommendation is for your company to make a plan for how you want to work, from day one. What does the sales cycle look like? How long is it? Which contacts do you meet, and what do you offer? Who should work with which segment? How do you allocate your time?

Follow up and follow through

Many people see follow-up and feedback as a matter of course. But if you think about it, how often do you follow up on the company's quotes properly? You reconnect with a quoted customer and get the answer that they haven't had time to look at it yet. This is a common answer, where many end their follow-up, and consider the ball to be in the customer's side of the court. There's definitely more you can do here; the customer has requested a quote because they are interested in what your company offers.

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