Customer service that's built to be loved.

All companies provide different kinds of service to their customers. Often this service is provided within their own organization, but many also use external contact centers to handle their customer service. Sometimes customer service is provided through both in-house and external agents.

No matter who provides the customer service, S2 is a fast and smooth platform that enhances and simplifies the customer experience.

S2 supports communication through any channels, wherever your customers are located and need to reach you. The most common channels are phone, web chat, SMS, email and social media.

It's all about making things easy for customers and minimizing their effort. A customer can initiate a case by email and end it by phone if that's easier for them. The customer service agent always has access to all case information, and can easily move between channels.   

The customer chooses the channel that suits them best in the given situation. In S2, the customer service agent handles all cases in the same way, regardless of the customer’s chosen communication channel.

S2 assigns all incoming customer service cases to the appropriate person or department.

The customer service module in S2 provides an immediate overview as well as the control needed to deliver the highest quality in all types of customer service.

S2 is a cloud service that makes it easy to quickly increase or reduce the number of agents according to changing needs – for example when outsourcing customer service, or when an international expansion requires customer service in several countries.

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