The first Kontakta Day 2021 a great success

What a great success Kontakta Day 2021 was!

 A wise choice from everyone who participated – thank you for your commitment.

Thank you Klas Hallberg for putting us in the customer's shoes and for your sometimes uncomfortable insights.

Now we know how to create better customer relationships by freeing up the individual sales and service power of everyone.
Let employees push the boundaries under their own responsibility. Get rid of rigid regulations and KPIs that curb the creativity of account managers in their willingness to help.

Congratulations to those of you who won GuldKontakt, a tribute to Sweden's best sales and customer service organizations for professional customer service.

The next Kontakta Day session, on June 3 at 8:30 a.m, is all about improvements and gigantic time savings through automation with the help of robots. We'll be looking at two very interesting cases in different contact center environments.

Nice to hear you're interested!
We'd be happy to offer more insights, if you like.

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