S2 is looking for more employees

S2 is looking for a Backend or Full Stack developer

S2 delivers a web-based CRM service. Our customers are primarily indoor sales departments and contact centers that work with sales, meetings and customer service. We have customers of different sizes and industries, some of our most famous customers are If non-life insurance, Avanza Pension and Rejmes Bil.

At S2, we today divide our time between product development, consulting assignments and start-up projects for new customers. Now we are looking for a back-end or full stack developer who can focus on new development and maintenance of our product. You are fast and efficient in your work and contribute with knowledge, experiences and ideas. At the moment, we are planning for a number of exciting technology projects, such as the 2008-2010 European Investment Bank. Single sign-on, digital meeting rooms and updated interfaces for our sales and customer service services.

We work with Visual Studio .NET/C#, Typescript/Angular, SignalR, RabbitMQ, Docker, Jenkins, Octopus and Swagger.

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S2 is a well-managed and profitable company with many years of experience. We are a professional team and right now we are recruiting skilled technicians and salespeople. We have offices in central Uppsala.

S2 develops and delivers a cloud service to drive sales, meetings and customer service. We are specialists in businesses that are in close contact with their customers.

With us you get the opportunity to work long-term with the development of your own product. You become part of a team of sharp and experienced colleagues.

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