"It's easy for us to keep growing with S2"

Diamax is today one of Västerbotten's largest companies in telemarketing, customer service and meeting scheduling. CEO Johan Hettinger has taken the long road since starting out in the industry in 2004.   

"Together with two co-founders, I started Diamax in the summer of 2011.
We suspected that the market would change and that we therefore needed a new way of working. We anticipated that our clients would have higher demands on quality, tougher knowledge requirements for salespeople and also higher demands on methods for handling sales meetings. And ultimately, also higher demands on those of us who work with sales management. I would say we got it right – that's what it looks like today," says Johan.

How do you view the industry?

"Throughout my years in the industry, there has been talk that the end of telemarketing as a channel is near. That was not true 10 years ago, and is definitely not true today. However, our clients and their customers place other demands on us. Quality checks are carried out that wouldn't have been performed a number of years ago. This places completely different demands on system support and the sales management's competence.

Today, Diamax has worked for a long time with S2, which Johan points out as a benefit to clients and their customers.

"One important aspect that makes it easier for end customers is that they can sign their contract electronically through S2. This makes it smooth and easy to start a new client project with the full scope of the assignment. Another advantage is the simplicity of connecting meetings we schedule through S2 to other assignments for the same client. This systematic meeting scheduling makes it easy for both us and our clients to follow the process. The client can easily reschedule a meeting when needed. Also, support for importing and syncing address lists and more is very good.

So, how did the collaboration with S2 begin? Early on, Johan and Diamax realized that they were in need of a good system support tool.

"Already during our first year, at the end of 2011 / beginning of 2012, we chose S2. At the time, mainly because it was an affordable system. In addition, we had a good impression of Erik Åhman and Morgan Sandberg, with whom we had the most initial contact. What made us stick with S2 is their high level of commitment, that they are extremely responsive and determined to meet our needs.

Johan appreciates the straightforward communication he has with S2.
"They are extremely good at problem solving, or what's called service recovery. It's not often we have problems, but the last time we dig, S2 acted quickly, without making any promises they couldn't keep. On the contrary – when I asked Morgan if they knew when the problem would be solved, he said: 'No, I don't know yet, Johan'. It is extremely valuable that when there is a problem, they immediately deal with it and start working on finding a solution.

Over the years, Diamax has grown and become one of Västerbotten's largest and foremost companies in the industry, with around 50 employees in its two offices in Umeå and Skellefteå. This of course also placed new demands on system support.

  • "Today we're a completely different company than we were in 2012. At that time, we worked with meeting scheduling, making one call at a time. Today, calling is automated, using S2's dialer, and we can take so much more advantage of the system's benefits. What's important to us is S2's simplicity, how our projects are linked to agreements, how we access statistics and more. There are three important aspects here that I greatly appreciate. One is the operational smoothness, the dialer system and GDPR hedging; another is the back office functionality, allowing us to support our clients with what they need concerning statistics, order files and more. The third is the possibility to work visually when monitoring sales and performance of our employees and teams."

Johan highlights the different needs that this entails for sales and customer service.

  • "Today we work with incoming calls to customer service, outbound sales to consumers and companies (B2C and B2B respectively) as well as meeting scheduling. Some systems are good at making outbound calls, others are especially good at helping B2B companies. For us, it is a great advantage that S2 can match our needs in all these different work processes. We have some new people in our sales management who have worked in other systems, and they really appreciate S2's ease of use and easily-overviewed information views. The information we want is incredibly easy to access in 95% of cases."

To Johan, one of S2's greatest benefits is the feeling of security.

  • We feel that it is easy for us to continue to grow with S2. Today, we don't work with all of its features, but they already cover the areas where we want to grow more, such as customer service. It's also easy for us to add more assignments to S2 and grow our business with existing clients. In addition, onboarding new employees is easy – we set aside four hours for them to learn the basics, and that's usually enough. It is difficult to make mistakes, even for a beginner. In fact, S2 is so integrated into our business that it now feels like the Diamax system. In Diamax's management, we have a very hands-on approach to the company. Diamax will never be the super-duper-sized company with a marble-floored entrance. Instead we use birch wood, you get a personal meeting with the CEO, and you meet sales consultants who are highly trained and know what they're talking about. We look forward to continuing to grow together with S2, on our terms and in our way," says Johan Hettinger, CEO and co-founder of Diamax.

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