Gamification increases reliable results

SalesScreen's gamification combined with S2 increases motivation.

How can companies with many and frequent customer contacts motivate their employees a little extra? Reliable saw a solution in gamification. With SalesScreen integrated into S2, sellers are motivated by their favorite song when they close.

Reliable works with lead generation and meeting booking on behalf of B2B companies. The company, founded in 2015 by brothers Viktor and Philip Lindsö, has done well through its own recruitment philosophy.
We know that in our industry it can be difficult to find good staff. Therefore, we have focused on university students where we match assignments with their future careers. We want to be able to be an upstart in the industry, which pushes quality, says Viktor Lindsö.

After working with S2 for several years, they sought an extra motivation booster for the employees. Before they found the right solution together with S2, they tried other solutions.
S2 is a really good system. Incredibly user-friendly, easy to learn for new employees and difficult to make mistakes. In addition, it is easy to have multiple projects running at the same time. What we missed was an opportunity for gamification. We first tested a system that was not synced with S2, but it became too cumbersome when results needed to be entered manually. When we instead got the chance to run SalesScreen integrated with S2, it became a smooth solution. Now we have automatic pickup, as soon as there is a booking, it plings on SalesScreen's sales board.

In SalesScreen there are several different modes of competition and you can set up competitions at any time. Everything is illustrated in a fun graphic. Reliable has a large screen where the competitions are shown to all employees.
It's smart. SalesScreen is a fun motivational system with simple fun notifications that motivate salespeople. All employees choose a youtube clip that starts after they make a booking. People are triggered by hearing their favorite song, it's really fun to see. In addition, it is easy to control a competition that engages and is illustrated in a good way at short notice.

What effect have you noticed from using SalesScreen?
As soon as we start a contest, there's an activity increase. It's a smart flexible system, we're super happy with it. Even when we don't have a competition, we use their sales board to give an extra boost. So far, we've only been running the system for a few months, but it feels damn positive. A tribute to S2 also for responding to our need for gamification. They are a responsive company that listens to its customers. The integration of SalesScreen is a good example of this," concludes Viktor Lindsö at Reliable.

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