"The quality of our delivery is guaranteed"

Therése Hallberg, founder and CEO of Bookmaster. 

You use S2 for meeting scheduling in your business. What is its greatest benefit, as you see it?

"It's our most important work tool, except for the phone... but we also run it via S2," says Therése with a smile and laughs.

An important aspect in the choice of S2 was to be able to streamline the work even more. Therése explains how S2 has contributed to both the development of Bookmaster and its customers.

"Our quality in our delivery is guaranteed. We switched to S2 because we had a challenge with previous tools. We wanted to develop cooperation with our customer and needed to tailor our tool from it, so you could say that S2 solved the challenge we had before we acquired S2.

Therése emphasises the importance of being able to work smoothly with several different customers and projects in one system.

"Wehelp companies to gain new customers and as we work with several different companies and projects, we needed a system that separated the projects from each other and at the same time enabled a symbiosis between the projects to facilitate and make our work more efficient. If you work with several different companies and projects, then S2 works very well.

S2 is constantly ready to take the next step, for Bookmaster's development and future, Therése explains how it has further developed their business.

"We tailor solutions for our customers that S2 then develops for us. When we want to develop our customer, the service we provide, then S2 comes into the picture and helps us to further develop that part of the business. It feels very good to know that our ideas for continuously developing our customer collaboration are technically made possible through S2.

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