"We have over 100 different work processes, all of which are managed in S2"

JKRS was founded in 2012 with the business idea of helping companies schedule quality meetings. Today, they have broadened their offering and now help customers with everything from meeting booking to sales and marketing.

  • "Our way of working places high demands on a sales support tool. As we charge by the hour, we involve the customers in how we work. Each project is tailored to the customer's needs. All in all, this means that we must have a flexible system to manage our projects and processes," says Robin Söderström, CEO and co-founder of JKRS.

One of the more complex customer projects they work on today is for a software development company.

  • "Today, we help some clients with their entire sales process. One example is a software development company that we help from first contact all the way to completion. In S2 we first work with cold calls for the customer, then we schedule a customer meeting, and after the customer meeting we send a quote. Then we follow up on the quote and sign agreements. S2 offers a system that can support all these processes and that we can also grow in. We don't know what customers will want tomorrow. I think this is the biggest advantage of S2."

So how did JKRS choose S2? Robin says that in 2018 they realized that they needed to find a new sales support system.  

  • "Reporting to our customers presented a major challenge. One of our employees spent 30% of their working hours on performance reporting in Excel. That's why S2's customer logistics was a real dealbreaker for us. No more Excel documents – instead, customers log in and can see in real time which meetings are booked. The booking overview on both individual and office level is appreciated. In addition, our customers can themselves report when a meeting is completed or cancelled. In the past, there was a lot of phone and email communication. The result is that we have significantly less administration and can offer much better service to our customers."

What other challenges are there in your business?

  • "Last year we worked for over 60 different clients, who in turn can have several projects running at the same time. A big advantage of S2 is that it is easy to tailor projects based on the client's wishes and that it is easy for our employees to switch between different projects. I would say that it is unique that there is such a great depth in S2, while being so easy to use."

Another advantage that Robin highlights is the simplicity of starting a new project.

  • "It's easy to create new projects and customer or employee logins in S2. The ability to create our own forms is also important to us as we can tailor projects. S2 also has good systems for GDPR."

For JKRS, the choice of S2 has meant that they no longer need an external CRM system. 

  • "In S2, it's easy to work with meeting scheduling and sales for the same client. Previously, we had two separate systems, one for managing bookings and one for sales processes. We now work in S2 on all our projects, both our own and our customers'.

This is appreciated by both me and my colleagues. The choice of S2 has only reduced our costs, but more importantly, it has enabled us to work more efficiently."

What do you think of the support S2 provides?

  • "I have appreciated their commitment from the first contact with Erik Åhman. Throughout our journey together, they have been serviceminded. For example, they solved the transition from our previous systems, with the transfer of customer data, smoothly. They are flexible and it's apparent that there is a genuine interest in us as a customer and our challenges. When I have contacted them with a slightly more challenging question, they have often solved the problem the next day. I would say that they really have a high level of service and embrace our feedback."

Robin points out that the meeting scheduling market has developed a lot in the last ten years.

  • Looking back at how many people in the industry worked in the past, there was often a focus on quantity sales. Today, the market has changed. Customers place higher demands on quality and we as a company need to be more flexible toward our customers. S2 has kept up with these developments and today meets the needs that exist on the market. We don't have one streamlined process; instead, we have over 100 different work processes that we can handle in S2 in a good way," says Robin Söderström, CEO of JKRS.

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